Sunday, Sept, 28, 2014, Noon grid time [ in opensim, Metropolis grid, hypergrid uri: – map Futurelab ]

You are invited to join THE ANNOYING LIGHT IS BACK, a theatrical talk, written by Art Blue as a Prelude to the 2nd Grand Opening of the ROOM FERRISQUITO created by Chance Acoustic



In this theatrical performance, which might happen in the year 2047, the old way of communication is used: the chat. Art Blue, a fictional character, travels in his stories, which are published in rez Magazin, often from the future to the past to meet artists living in different worlds, this time in the chat worlds of 2009-2011 – the time span of Ferrisquito. To give slow readers and persons who are not native English speakers a chance to follow the chat the play today is divided in three parts. Persons with different technical knowledge and different views on art are addressed. Also some funny elements shall not be missed in a play – see

If you want to look behind the plays, to explore the side links just read the short stories in rez Magazine. A theatrical performance is – Art Blue would say – a supporting code to the published stories. The key story, The Artefact, [which includes THE BLUE ELEPHANT] you find on SL marketplace and on web as a PDF book.

In the play a world creation is embedded. The artist who made the world [the sim] we call a WORLDARTIFICER. This time the creation happens in two steps. The second step is the creation of the Room Ferrisquito. The creation experience may happen fast or slow depending on the Metropolis mainland sever, your computer and internet speed. So it might look different for each attendant.


The idea of performing a theatrical performance that is just a Prelude was copied from Goethe´s Faust. There is a good comment in English: Prelude On The Stage. You get it via this shortlink


After the performance, which will take about 30 to 40 minutes – depending on the time for intermissions the audience is asking. Then the ROOM FERRISQUITO, made by Chance Acoustic [aka Cath Cole], will be opened for the 2nd time in opensim, showing some early works of Bryn Oh. Bryn Oh exists purely as a fictional character in virtual worlds. It never happened before that a virtual identity was invited to have the first retrospective. It shall happen at the Arts & Algorithms show in Titusville, FL, USA [October 3-12, 2014].” – see and

After the play Chance Acoustic – she will be here as Chance Prim – will speak about the works of Bryn Oh and the Room Ferrisquito that is dedicated to the early works of this artist [2009-2011]. The Room Ferrisquito is a part of the big Vulcanicus art conservation project. The creation of the full Vulcanicus sim, having actually 18.000 prims can´t be used in a theatrical performance as it takes more than five minutes to load – where you just see like in a rezzer box things happen slowly.

You will find a booklet inside the Room Ferrisquito free to copy and read inworld. There is an online version of the booklet at issuu as a PDF.


The theater offers 21 seats (3 rows each 7 seats). The first chair in each row (pole position) is reserved. If you don’t find a chair, then take a seat in the HG Safari meeting zone [The Zoo] and use your camera to view. Detach AOs please and scripts you may have on you. At the beginning of the play you are in a sim called FUTURELAB and you look towards a sim called SOUTH HORIZON where you see the BLUE ELEPHANT.


Don’t teleport or fly to the SOUTH HORIZON, the region of the Blue Elephant during the play. It just messes up the view for others when they want to make pictures. Also sim crossing is a reason for a possible crash when many avatars do this at the same time. Use spare time before the play starts to get the free 1prim booklet about the Blue Elephant from The Zoo. The story was written by Sergius Both [aka Prof. Herbert W. Franke] in 1982 who become a lifelong mentor for Art Blue [aka Reiner Schneeberger], reaching back to high school times. Art Blue republished the story in 2014 in rez Magazine in English and brings now the Blue Elephant to life in his own stories.


In case the sim crashes due to heavy load then relog and go to Welcome center at Metropolis – map name *Metropolis. We will RESTART the sim FUTURELAB but not try a second run of the play. We will load the Room Ferrisquito on SOUTH HORIZON and do just the Grand Opening there. So the Blue Elephant on SOUTH HORIZON will be gone and you will not experience a world creation this time.


There is a music stream running, which will be blended into Metroradio. You can listen to the stream also via Web at


We have started to develop a Theatre Chat System [at Futurelab] TCS[aF]. TCSaF shall allow that a single artist can perform a short play: a show controlled by one person. An artist will be able to present a full sim in a spectacular way – the way each creator of a world, a WORLDARTIFICER deserves.

This is the way you have chat and a good view on the same screen:


A Note: We are not much experienced in using a stream. We just have started our learning curve. So if there is silence, be patient. The delay on the stream is about 50 seconds until anything new happens. There might be the standard rock music by Metroradio in case the switch of taking control by our “DJ” software fails or there is stress coming up.

Keep your fingers crossed and remember: “It´s all experimental as we are not in the year 2047″ – –

Metropolis, Sept. 28, 2014

Art Blue

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