Bryn Oh

I know Bryn Oh for a while out of my focus ‘to conserve early works of art made in virtual worlds‘. For a wider view I did not had the time and also Bryn Oh is too much known to need any support by my doing as a curator. Nevertheless Bryn donated one of her works to my collection for VULCANICUS – ‘The Volcano of Art’ – which allows to visit and enjoy the works in 3D by opensimulator technology [hopefully for ever].

Bryn Oh´s work mostly does not stand ‘alone’ – often her artwork is used to set up a video done by friends of her – and later such a video gets known and is noticed in the world of art. I have selected one that was not noticed much and link it for you to watch it in Youtube: Willow [2009].


You see above: ‘Downloading …‘ [picture taken at Immersiva on January, 16, 2014].
Give me the words
blue computers glow
downloaded to me
so that I may know

Some better ways
to say to you
all the things
I´ve always wanted to

Something perfect
like a hearts pearl
so you will notice
my little world
Bryn Oh, ‘Download’, 2008

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