Today [January, 16th, 2014] I created an account named “Ferrisquito Resident” and bought the following works of Bryn Oh:

Under the Poumbrella [poembrella]
Mayfly machinima
Downloading …
The Violinist
Run like a fawn
Run Rabbit Run
Feed me
Wee little Steamclock
Pouncing fox
Confused eyes
Bryn Oh´s bicycle
The Rabbicorn
26 Tines
Angler Girl
The Violinist
Night mare

All works listed are made between 2008 and 2010. Bryn Oh presented her first 3D art works in 2008  [Avatar creation date: 3/25/2007] – so I see the ‘Ferrisquito collection’  as the one of Bryn Oh´s early works.

I will keep the collection as long as SL – the 3D System of Lindenlab – will run. Why I set up the collection today?

—– Original Message —–
From: “Bryn Oh” <k6tbtvpxiegvglsuz6hqtlqcend66r27t3dcw@im.agni.lindenlab.com>
Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 10:49 PM
Group Notice From: Immersiva, Bryn Oh
I was just informed .. well a few days ago.. that the sims where my shop is located will close in the next few days. If you wanted anything nows the time!
This notice has an attachment.

SL is proprietary so you never know for how long Ferrisquito Resident will be alive and what will be the conditions in SL in the future. I dont like the SL-concept where the art an artist has made has no chance to be conserved [downloaded on local PC or in a cloud storage]. Also SL does not allow to show artworks for free in a way such pieces of art deserve it. It does not fit to present the work only in a “sandbox” for some hours.

I set up for SL an idea where an avatar holds the artwork in hand using only a single prim, but for this doing the avatar has to be online all day long to make it look like a premanent presentation in a gallery. But nevertheless there is opensimulator technology where such efforts to conserve artwork can be done for free and ‘for ever’ – see VULCANICUS.


The narrative of Immersiva is about an abandoned robot theme park. Running the theme park became unprofitable and the human owners packed up and left. The stories on Immersiva are about those robots left behind who find themself looking for meaning. They search for companionship while being hunted fro scrap metal and computer parts that have not yet become obsolete. Ferrisquito is the icon with represents this theme park. If you cam up into to proboscis of the mosquito you can find a box with its machinima inside.”

Bryn Oh, 2010

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